The Estabrook Inc. Story

Estabrook, Inc. is a joint venture between a well-established excavation company in Truckee, Ruppert, Inc., and a long-standing Truckee family name "Estabrook". Although this is a new company with a new name, we have many years of snow removal experience in the Truckee area under our belts.

It is our goal to manage and run this operation of snow clearing in the Tahoe Donner area in a similar way that customers have come to enjoy about our parent company Ruppert, Inc. Our aim is to have better tractors, more attentive operators, and clear less driveways per tractor than what has been deemed normal in the Truckee residential snow removal market.

Our Tractors

We will start this season with a total of ten “New Holland” brand tractors that will outperform any other tractor it is put up against. These machines run a total of 140-155 horsepower engines which is roughly 30 to 60 more horsepower than any of its competing tractors. These tractors have 98” wide snow blower boxes that are designed to not only process and throw the snow quickly, but will also scrape packed snow that has built up in the driveway. In high snowfall subdivisions such as Tahoe Donner, it is a simple, more horsepower = faster snow processing.

Our Operators

This season, half of these tractors will be filled by an Estabrook family member. The rest of the tractors will be hand-picked, experienced operators who are not only use to doing snow removal such as this, but also have experience in running and operating this specific New Holland Tractor. We want to change the way you, the homeowner, interact with your specific operator. We feel that snow removal is a necessary evil in ways, no one wants to have to deal with it, and it’s always messy. We encourage each homeowner to reach out to their specific operator and explain the quirks of their driveway, talk to the operator about their snow removal timeframes and needs.

Your Driveway

This snow season we will be taking as much as 800 driveways into contract in the Tahoe Donner Area. Breaking these numbers down, that means an average of 80 driveways per route instead of 100+ that most have come to see as normal. This lessened number of driveways, combined with competent operators and more efficient/newer tractors will inevitably equal a service that we hope every homeowner will come to love.

Ready to Get Started?

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