Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you want to know about Estabrook Inc. Snow Removal services in Tahoe Donner. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 888.958.5509.

How do I know this new service will perform and where are you getting your operators?

What time will my driveway be plowed?

Will you clear my walkways and decks?

What happens if the town plows the street after my driveway has been plowed and I have a berm?

I’ve already signed up and paid for a snow removal service, but I want to switch to Estabrook, Inc. what can I do?

What will this service cost me?

When it’s snowing, how often will you clear my driveway?

Who is responsible for snow staking my driveway?

What if there are obstacles like cars in my driveway?

How close to my garage and steps will the operator get?

What happens to my service if the tractor that plows my driveway breaks down?

Will these higher horsepower/larger tractors cause more wear and tear on my driveway?

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